Spring Fashion 2012!

May 21st, 2012


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20 Responses to “Spring Fashion 2012!”

  1. callmecammiee says:

    Hey guysss! I just made my first YouTube video! It’s also a spring inspired OOTD, so check it out if you like videos like that! Thanks so muccch!
    xxoo – Cammie~ c:

  2. kukurox14 says:

    The last outfit is gorgeous!!

  3. TheTiff2010 says:

    Wasn’t able to pay attention to the video, I was to busy jammin and dropping it like its hot! Lol . But OMG! We have the same white floralish ring from Payless, I love it!!

  4. Charli Parker says:

    can you do a skin care routine?

  5. hiholaola says:

    I love all the outfits!! I really love your hair colour as well!

  6. OstrichProductions13 says:

    You’re not fat. You look healthy, and that’s all that matters.

  7. beauty4er211 says:

    your gorgeous!! new subbie!

  8. fashionbarbie97 says:

    you’re absolutely stunning x

  9. thebrookereid says:

    I love that greyish brown lace singlet!

  10. awkwardturtle1313 says:

    wow you’re really just a bitch aren’t you.

    She is beautiful and thin and you need to stfu.

  11. beautybeex43 says:

    i like how some comments are about her wearing flare jeans with flip-flops. seriously? when you wear skinny jeans with flip-flops you look like an IDIOT.

  12. JBhomegirl says:

    sorry but i never knew that to be pretty you have to be stick thin. Gosh I’m so sick of the media always portraying the perfect stick figure as the way to be! She looks great the way she is and she’s happy and that’s all that matters! + she has a great style too!

  13. zolaBN says:

    I love your style! and it suits you sooo good O:

  14. ilovepinksplash33 says:

    Who The Fuck Are You People To Judge She’s Fat. So What?! Your Not Perfect Either! Does It Bother You So Much. If It Bothers You So Much Pay For Her Getting Surgery Huh Yeah! What Did She Do To You Nothing Yeah! She’s Beautiful I Don’t See Nothing Wrong At Least She’s Thankful How She Is And Beautiful She Is! Not Like You People. You Dumb People Should Get A Life. And Yeah Calling Her Fudge Girl Isn’t Gonna Get You Any Skinnier Haha Stupid Assholes Reply If You Want I Always Love To Support My

  15. SmexiiCookii says:

    Beautiful Style (:

  16. abslol1 says:

    You remind me of my cousin, the bracelets, the hair… You guys are like twins

  17. vampyyrix0x says:

    To anyone calling her fat… you’re seriously retarded. This is a fashion video, not a body criticism video. She’s not fat – get over yourselves, really…

  18. BeautifulBeautifully says:

    @fudgegirlx She is FAR FROM fat. And what, are you now the sheriff of the fashion police? You sound like you’re 2 going “eww Kristee” in all of your comments. I have big thighs, & I wear shorts. I wear flare jeans with flip flops. Some of my dresses show my thighs, yea I wear them. The name fudgegirlx really suits you, calling people fat. Please, stop being so rude.. and prolly just insecure about yourself and leave people alone? Oh, and seriously quit lying to people, cyberbullying isn’t cool.

  19. sophidophiable says:

    stop you are too cute!!!!!!

  20. IACO101 says:

    Your so pretty!!! And I love the jean capris so versatile :)

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