Early Spring Fashion 2012

May 19th, 2012


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18 Responses to “Early Spring Fashion 2012”

  1. RoseBeauty21 says:

    thank you thank you!!! have a great day beautiful!!

  2. Kuzhy811 says:

    Love your personality! Beautiful smile:)

  3. RoseBeauty21 says:

    @helenita05 Thanks for watching Hun:) thanks for the opinion:)

  4. helenita05 says:

    Your lipstick is horrible, too light for you…..!!!!!!

  5. RoseBeauty21 says:

    thanks;))) soo much & it actually a skirt & shirt and their both from forever 21;)soo happy you enjoyed

  6. callitmyaddiction says:

    OMG. Where did you get that dress in outfit number one?

  7. RoseBeauty21 says:

    thank you soo much;)) im happy you enjoyed:))

  8. RoseBeauty21 says:

    awww thanks;)) just being my self:)) im so happy you like my channel))

  9. shy2pretty911 says:

    i love u and your energy its just so exciting thank u

  10. hotshottagyal says:

    Just because of your jovial attitude I had to subscribe lol

  11. RoseBeauty21 says:

    thankslove;) your beautiful inside & out;))

  12. RoseBeauty21 says:

    aww thans like if i think your beautiful inside & out;))

  13. RoseBeauty21 says:

    i kno right im obessed:))) ahh lol

  14. Tallybae says:

    Those boots are the bizznezz! So versatile.

  15. Zebrabubble12 says:

    Like if you think she is beautiful :)

  16. violetnylon says:

    great video!! you’re so pretty :)

  17. RoseBeauty21 says:

    thanks for watching I realy appreciate it;)) Lol yess when you do do a haul so i can watch love;))

  18. RoseBeauty21 says:

    thanks for watching I realy appreciate it;)) Postivity in life brings happiness;))

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