Kate Moss Interview – Mango Fashion 2012 Campaign

May 17th, 2012


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29 Responses to “Kate Moss Interview – Mango Fashion 2012 Campaign”

  1. Carducci1959 says:

    I’m bored of seeing this fashion victim, she’s dull and flaunts her sick taste for wearing fur.

  2. jenwill11 says:

    I don’t like her because of her support for the fur industry and animal cruelty. From this video I see she’s not exactly bright I always thought she was rather plain looking.

  3. reddevil777enator says:


  4. drmartyn says:

    @1theforest <— and you are obviously able to converse intelligently about Quantum Physics, Advanced Calculus, Complex Mathematical Systems and Wave-Particle Duality Theory? She is a model – fashion is what made her millions; what where you expecting her to be talking about? Einstein’s Relativity Theory?

  5. kmasluvsu says:

    haha me? bullshizz. But thank you (:

  6. Sincerely, KK says:

    How do you get your hair so perfect! I have curly hair but it looks like a got attacked or something:(

  7. grace111111111111 says:

    thx ur rellly pretty btw:)

  8. HiItsAddy says:

    Your brother is adorable(:

  9. kmasluvsu says:

    I wasnt saying anything bad about mediums or larges at all, like I said, you are beautiful just the way you are. Girl, I WISH I was a medium. Im an XS and Even XS is huge on me. I get called anorexic at school and teased at how my legs will snap if I put to much pressure on them. :( Mediums are awesome!! HAHA:D But I wasnt trying to be mean to other mediums and larges, I didnt know it would offend anyone or anything. My apologies (:

  10. TheLmaister1 says:

    your really pretty and i like your editing

  11. lipglossprincess2099 says:

    soz but im not a big fan

  12. grace111111111111 says:

    im a medium:(

  13. katiegirrl11 says:

    could u do a lik “beachwear” video? lik stuff that u wore in hawaii or to the beach. cuz im going to california this summer (im from canada) so im not really used to dressing for warm/beachy weather. it would be reallllly helpful!!! PLEASSEE!!

  14. bratzgurlsweetie231 says:

    I think you got the jeans jacket from…Goodwill? I heard u mention it in a hall you got with a chestnut bag

  15. ToontownGleeky says:

    Holy crap I loved the red tank top from PacSun.

  16. SmileyKatieex3 says:

    omg your little brother is SO cute!

  17. fashionistas56 says:

    I Like The Outfits!!…. But They Look More Like Spring (Maybe Fall) Outfits!!…Js!(:

  18. beachybeauty07 says:

    Thumbs up for this part! 1:30

  19. thefirstbaseplaya says:

    its not, i can tell

  20. thefirstbaseplaya says:


  21. thefirstbaseplaya says:

    oh dont even say that. i just went to your channel and you dont look like a small. you are way way larger then she is. so lay off. stop being jealous of her perfect face, hair, and mostly body. shes beautiful the way she is. go pick on somebody your own SIZE

  22. thefirstbaseplaya says:

    haha no you dont i live in michigan. and we get snow in june.

  23. TheRebornlover15 says:

    r u saying shes smaller then a small or bigger???

  24. sydh1000 says:

    im in love with those bow earrings!

  25. GUCCI4126 says:

    Love the past

  26. hannahxerinx3 says:

    um yeah she does..

  27. rukupu says:


  28. KittyDiddyMama1 says:

    i love the outfit at 2:47

  29. precious3121 says:

    i love your second outfit!! <3

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