The Collector 1×03 The Supermodel component 1

May 15th, 2012

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13 Responses to “The Collector 1×03 The Supermodel component 1”

  1. ambarigreyson3000 says:

    Idk what this is trying to convey

  2. Rinsuki says:

    The force of good and evil can’t reveal themselves to obviously which is why miracles and acts of evil are covered up. I think it follows this idea to keep freewill and humans can decide for themselves what they believe and how they carry out their lives.

  3. Jonathan Laracuente says:

    is there another one when some ones stomach growling

  4. Lovegainers5 says:

    I find her growling belly to be very sexy! I hate the fact that she is so arrogant!

  5. MrJPPAILLE says:

    I’ll hope they will find a way somehow to produce at least one last season with same actors cause a lot of questions are remainning.

  6. MrJPPAILLE says:

    I’ve seen the whole show (season 1,2,3) and never understood something: A client that makes a deal isn’t allowed to tell anybody about the bargain cause they’ll both end up to hell…. Why is that? The rules?!? Which rules?! God’s rules? Let’s say a client confess himself to someone who’s got a strong faith in God, he will end up in Hell too? This is unfair… Neither Morgan nor the Devil give us a clue about it; this sucks.

  7. stylesIkon says:

    AH-HA… now Jeri Slate is starting to connect some dots….

  8. stylesIkon says:

    Sarcasm is definitely Satan’s’ tool. Also, this episode got me thinking twice about telling cabbies or bartenders anything.

  9. datafreak667 says:

    @ 7:26 the guys flippin ya off

  10. MQBone3 says:

    She made a deal with the devil to be a thin supermodel for a decade, I believe. A decade has passed and the deal is off, so she gets fat and eats a lot.

  11. humanistheart says:

    Interesting show

  12. humanistheart says:

    I’m guessing she’s going to become fat again…

  13. belljar78 says:

    I see what you mean…that is freaky and weird

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