Jordyn Jones “Supermodel” | Jazz Solo | Choreography by Emily Shock

May 4th, 2012

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5 Responses to “Jordyn Jones “Supermodel” | Jazz Solo | Choreography by Emily Shock”

  1. psychtherapist2009 says:

    Jordan looks a lot like Cloe from Dance Moms.

  2. kayla1681 says:

    She is amazing! But i wasnt a huge fan of her choreography. However, the leg hold “death drop” at the end was very cool.

  3. TheIvyProject says:

    Amazing choreography, but she needed more music in the background and less talking and her facial expressions couldve been bigger

  4. chachacha8501 says:

    i was wishing she would have hit a little harder, been a little more dramatic. the choreo was very OUT THERE PIZZAZ ALL THAT JAZZZ type deal so she could’ve capitalized on that by going over the top & it wouldve been that much better

  5. Chloe Adams says:

    She’s amazing but I don’t really like the dance that much I feel all she does is pose, walk, pose, walk, turn, jump, pose and walk agian….

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