This Week in Fashion – Natalie Portman, 2011 SAG Awards, Kim Kardashian, Vanity Fair, and Mila Kunis

March 14th, 2012

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34 Responses to “This Week in Fashion – Natalie Portman, 2011 SAG Awards, Kim Kardashian, Vanity Fair, and Mila Kunis”

  1. 74tannya says:


  2. 74tannya says:


  3. 74tannya says:


  4. kumaramanoli says:

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  5. iheartimrankhan says:

    wtf is this? crapp show

  6. mmarc2010 says:

    winona is beautiful!

  7. sam82497 says:

    I do to!!!

  8. tashas says:

    you guys are entertaining but looking at the way you guys look…you can’t dress either!!

  9. gfatreak2 says:

    love the show! <3

  10. meekick says:

    i like  barbie humera

  11. meekick says:

    i like barbie and fairy

  12. kalalynnwoods says:


  13. babygaga41 says:

    I loved Vlada :)

  14. jackliquan74 says:

    I love barbie

  15. SuperLOLLUVER says:

    get that horrible future eyeshadow of their eyes!!!!!!

  16. Chameleon705 says:

    what irks the crap out of me is that none of them are smiling.. helLLOOOO this is BARBIE?!?!?!

  17. papergirlbaby says:


  18. purplefacedmonkey1 says:

    @ytstar0002 how do i know you ain’t spam?

  19. stilime says:

    WATCH MY BARBIE VIDEO from my fashion show and subscribe please!

  20. ytstar0002 says:

    Wow.Just won myself an $1000 Gap Gift Card at []

  21. caramelrocktv says:

    Beautiful Show !

  22. caramelrocktv says:

    Beautiful Shown

  23. kadyfady says:

    <3<3<3 BARBIE <3<3<3

  24. kadyfady says:

    BARBIEEE <3<3<3

  25. bnh32802 says:

    1st model kinda fine next

  26. thisoctoberismy says:

    3:30 amazing high heels… <3 

  27. MortalKombat773 says:

    .Perfect little stick figures

  28. Amy112084 says:

    @ThePrincessregina Yes he is!!!

  29. pearl22chiara says:

    Barbie is perfect and I like her so much. She’s just so cool, and she excists 50 years, but her characters are still in their 20′s so cpbubbles555 you’re just talking rubbish.

  30. JsarenBryn says:

    Somehow, music from Xanadu fits with Barbie perfectly….

  31. cpbubbles555 says:

    Barbie is an old lady!!! And they make the models look so fake just like barbie! wait… shouldnt barbie have wrinkles and gray hair? i mean shes 50!

  32. thelionwitch says:


  33. SueBurg22 says:

    This “Barbie” is also Fifty some years old…
    still LOVE Barbie!!

  34. liatb says:


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