Fashion Trends – Shoes and Boots – Spring/Summer 2011 | FashionTV – FTV

March 14th, 2012

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16 Responses to “Fashion Trends – Shoes and Boots – Spring/Summer 2011 | FashionTV – FTV”

  1. gr8comments says:

    i would kiss the heels of ever girl that walked that ramp :D

  2. karenciabitch says:

    Ya los habia visto en revistas, todabia ni termina el video y se qe los mejores fueron los de McQueen =) son lo mas elegante qe mis pies podrian deciar <3 _ <3

  3. JINGUSI says:


  4. RhythmJam says:

    Versace, Galliano, and Dior shoes ..I want them please!

  5. 02justSAY says:

    Miu Miu shoes are gorgeous I wish I could afford a pair.

  6. veronica1757 says:

    I’m definately a John Galliano person! ♥ but i also loved alexander McQueen’s elegant!

  7. sophabella says:

    miu miu definitely

  8. T0XXXlC says:

    versace.jpg.pucci.dior,miu.miu mE GUSTAN TODOS XD

  9. StayFabuluss says:

    oh yea…and i’d wear them all cause that’s what fabuluss ppl do! haha

  10. StayFabuluss says:

    awwwweesommme! great job:)

  11. fashiongirlie999 says:

    I love the miu miu shoes, the colors are nice!

  12. Amelonado says:

    definitely from John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier ♥

  13. Louloupiu says:

    1rst pair of Vercace, 2nd pair of Giorgio Armani, 1rst pair of John Galliano for spring! The 3 of them are lovely! <3

  14. 1807moeller says:

    galliano <3

  15. MsMoose24 says:

    @fashiontv Miu Miu/ John Galliano/ Prada
    Lots of color! Geometric shapes

  16. fashiontv says:

    Which pair would you wear for Spring?

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