Superstar Supermodel Documentary Hour

March 12th, 2012

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15 Responses to “Superstar Supermodel Documentary Hour”

  1. ByGraceIGo says:


  2. Cattilyn says:

    lmao I love this movie!!!;)

  3. andybondoir18 says:

    @SuziMagoo thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. SuziMagoo says:

    @andybondoir18 it’s a song by Imani Coppola called I’m a Tree.

  5. Blondiecat1961 says:


  6. albanst456 says:

    @xlaumetalz christy, as in christy turlington

  7. andybondoir18 says:

    whats the song playing when they r “modeling”

  8. HotSaUcExBm says:

    @ronniealley88 christy turlington

  9. IfYouSeekMe22 says:

    Very best friends!!!

  10. foccha says:

    @xlaumetalz “Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell are two of my very best friends. And we get together and it’s like total and utter insanity! Insanity! It’s like three of the most gorgeous girls raising hell!”

  11. xlaumetalz says:

    sorry didnt hear but, who are the models she mentions here? naomi and who?

  12. DanaDomenick says:


  13. kataz73 says:

    “…it’s total and utter INSANITY!!…” LOL – thanks for posting!

  14. pinkbearry16 says:


  15. snoochieboochies555 says:


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