Hair & Makeup – D&G Backstage ft Pat McGrath – Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012 MFW | FashionTV – FTV

February 23rd, 2012

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45 Responses to “Hair & Makeup – D&G Backstage ft Pat McGrath – Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012 MFW | FashionTV – FTV”

  1. liza0514 says:

    i wish these beauty videos would be more detailed.

  2. TheLadyYuMi says:

    @JBiebershawty1 She said ‘I’m 20 years old’ :)

  3. JBiebershawty1 says:

    2:11 did she say shes 10 years old?

  4. iluvgreen23 says:

    Amazing collection !!

  5. neuston says:

    The D&G (Dolce & Gabbana) in Hong Kong forbids people to take photos on the public street outside their shop. Camera was covered violently by the security guards. The guards told that local Hong Kong residents are not welcome to visit as they only expect luxury goods buyers from the China maindland. More than a thousand people protested outside their shop today, to express the human right to take photos in the public area.

  6. jovanna1512 says:

    @tin0opener thaaanks :) 

  7. tin0opener says:

    @jovanna1512 Metronomy – Love Underlined ;)

  8. madchaoslover says:

    oh gosh i wonder what would it be like to be her apprentice!!!

  9. jovanna1512 says:

    what is name of this music pleaaaasee :)

  10. VieuxHost says:

    I want these sunglasses so bad!

  11. MonaeArtistry says:

    Pat McGrath is a Makeup God! Gorgeous video! I love learning from her.

    ~ Monae
    Hair and Makeup Artist

  12. MaddamL says:

    I love PAT McGrath!! One of the Best Makeup Artist in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!

  13. dejankav1 says:

    i adore the model 0:18 her face is amazing

  14. MissArBell says:

    Karo is gorgeous!

  15. MissArBell says:

    Aiste looks slightly like Abbey Lee :o

  16. StrawberryBigMac says:

    i mean hello is this versace 1980′s?

  17. yahirwao says:

    Yeah its very flowy, stylish and groovy….. I love everything, especially the hair (aka without multiple extensions and the big pincurls)……

    Best tip would be always play with minimal chic clothes and u look confident and effortless…. don’t mess a lot the hair and leave it down!!!

  18. runtillidie says:

    I want everything from this collection.

  19. davina72 says:

    The collection reminds me of the 70′s but modern and and stylish to wear now,very colorful. I also love the styling of the hair and the floppy hats.

  20. AdoreYourEnemy says:

    Josephine Skriver at 2:24 and 4:28!

  21. caroline9H says:

    @fashiontv the ones from @TopshopPodcasts

  22. BabyGangstaNana says:

    Beautiful collection, make up and models :)
    Perfect! :) 

  23. fashiontv says:

    What’s the best hair, makeup, or fashion tip you’ve ever received?

  24. Rassoukine says:

    Little Barrie Green Eyed Fool
    Count Indigo – Trinity (Bring it out the devil)
    The Who Pinball Wizard

  25. FachoFachoso says:

    Whats the soing that starts with the armani show?

  26. ximiei says:

    This was an interesting sunglasses short.
    Children and men also need to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes.
    I hope future FTV will include sunglasses for all fashion types and all activities.

  27. JohnnyGlasses39 says:

    Dude, I hit up most of these styles for A LOT less that what the big brands cost!
    But I’d be happy to strut with most of these models!

  28. RussianRed007 says:

    Versace and Gucci! :) 

  29. TheChanelDude says:

    Gucci of course :)

  30. jeremy933 says:

    @fashiontv Prada, Fendi and Versace!!!

  31. jeremy933 says:

    @fashiontv Prada, Fendi and Versace!!!

  32. jeremy933 says:

    @fashiontv Prada, Fendi and Versace!!!

  33. lynchapelle says:

    @fashiontv PRADA!

  34. lynchapelle says:

    @fashiontv PRADA!

  35. IsAbElmiaumiau says:

    Versace, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier & Giorgio Armani

  36. wowGreekgirl says:


  37. thuychihp89 says:

    thumbs up for 0:29 and 2:26

  38. sprinklesofsparkles says:

    PRADA 100% willy wonka style <3

  39. RhythmJam says:

    Fendi glasses are to die for!

  40. redwb1 says:

    Fendi and Versace!

  41. 1807moeller says:

    FENDI, DIOR & PRADA !!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  42. aiy21her says:

    Fendi & Gucci & Pucci
    ^^^I Love It^^^

  43. JINGUSI says:

    Fendi + Dsquared2 + Gucci + Moschino + Pucci Love it

  44. rikaclaudiu says:

    the Fendi’s look fun and the Prada’s are quirky!

  45. PrettyBoyJC18 says:

    @PlayDontPlay—-Follow Me

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