DIY Fashion: Cute Bow Shirt

December 30th, 2011

Have fun guys!!! HONG KONG MEET & GREET I’m hoping to meet you lovely people for a meet & greet on 9th July 2011 in Times Square (outside the mall) around 3pm. I

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25 Responses to “DIY Fashion: Cute Bow Shirt”

  1. Heavenly401 says:

    Ahhh SHINee music!! XD

  2. TheMightyGosh says:

    your voice has such a high pitch :D

  3. LmfaooAndrea says:

    If only I knew how to sew.

  4. darkprincess997 says:

    this is awesome. who knew that we can create more than we think! thankyouu bubz more DIY shirt vids plzz!!~

  5. hellojazzii says:

    the “sew me baby” at 2:58 made laugh. xD

  6. hellojazzii says:

    i think the one bubbi made is cuter. :> more diy clothes videos, please!

  7. KerroppiMonster says:

    I made a math problem on my t-shirt instead of a bow -.- but it looks pretty good.

  8. ilovemiddleschoolyah says:

    @animeglitter123 well you can look it up on the internet o

  9. animeglitter123 says:

    how do you sow?

  10. MsDJ3J says:

    MORE DIY CLOTHING!! Am soo gonna try this… especially since prices where I’m at are BIZARRE T_T and also I love shirts that hang under your shoulder ^.^

  11. Sab3na says:

    to much sewing…

  12. SparkliingZebra says:

    Yu r sooo creative I luuv yew !!!

  13. SummerSmithTV says:

    Hey girls, please check out my beauty videos <3

  14. emandm1416 says:

    Can you do more of these? Please I love this

  15. sammykins21211 says:

    1:43 “That’s What She Said” LOL

  16. Twinklers12 says:

    Do you just cut the neck of the short to make it hang over your shoulder

  17. lolcool06 says:

    I love bubz!!!

  18. blackasnight333 says:

    The bows on the shirt you bought look shriveled up…yours look puffy and cute. I want to try this so bad T_T

  19. MySuitsOnFire says:

    I have a feeling that if I do this, it’ll turn out looking like shit. XD

  20. doritoryan says:

    Lmao. That’s what she said . x;

  21. NckyKolaa143 says:

    SHINee - Stand By Me ^____^

  22. Chandraamukhi says:

    i just finished mine :’D
    it was so fucking hard o do this my fingers are b.leeding T_T

  23. niwamarierose says:

    Thanks for the vid bubz !
    Looooove you (:

  24. GlamourGuide says:

    Hey girls, please check out my beauty videos <3

  25. playkay12 says:

    the shirt she made looks a lot better than the one she bought in my opinion and im going to use these bows to make a headband lol

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